Golden Ale

What can I say but a refreshing, easy drinking, session ale great for a hot afternoon. My Golden Ale was originally developed many years ago on my Grainfather v1, initially with Kohatu and Nelson Sav.  However, this has evolved over the years having moved through Taiheke, Motueka, and more recently I have been brewing it with Citra. As a result the beer has crisp bitterness and sharper hop flavour.

Based on Gladfield American Ale Malt with a touch of Light Crystal and Gladiator, this beer delivers a nice yellow/golden colour synonymous with Gladfield American Ale Malt, and a white fluffy head. I really can’t stress enough how much of an amazing colour you get from American Ale from Gladfield.

When using a punchy hop such as Citra, this is beautiful beer with a zingy citrus on the nose that is unmistakably Citra, and the change of hops have really made this beer.  The restrained malt pairs nicely with the hops and this is a very easy drinking and refreshing beer great for a sunny day. For only having 100 grams of hops this has enough of a hop punch. 

I’m very impressed with this beer and I’d have to rate this as one of the best beers I’ve made. Photos don’t reflect the bright yellow colour of this beer.

Recipe Specifications

Batch Size: 23.00 l
ABV: 5.5%
OG: 1.051 SG
FG: 1.009 SG
Color: 10.8 EBC
IBU: 25
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Mash Schedule
60 Minutes @ 64 Degrees Celsius
15 Minute Mashout @ 75 Degrees Celsius

4.6kg Gladfield American Ale Malt
.2kg Gladfield Gladiator Malt
.2kg Gladiator Light Crystal Malt

15g Citra 13.6AA @ 60 Minutes (17.4 IBU)
25g Citra 13.6AA @ 10 Minutes (4.4 IBU)
25g Citra 13.6AA @ 0 Minutes (0 IBU)
35g Citra 13.6 Dry Hop @ 7 Days

1 x Whirlfloc @ 15 Minutes

1 x pkg Fermentis US-05

12 days @ 19 degrees Celsius
2 days @ 2 degrees Celsius with finings

Additional Details
Carbonation 2.4 col of CO2

Brew Sessions and Variations