Taiheke Citra Golden Ale

Since the Citra Golden Ale went down so well, the plan is to brew a 50/50 Citra and Taiheke Golden Ale to see how the hops pair together. And the result, bang on with a nice balance. The crispness of the Citra matches nicely with the spiciness of the Taiheke.  And the change from US05 to Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast Yeast seems to have given the hops an extra kick. 

The only thing wrong with this batch is that I broke the siphon halfway through and lost half the batch. I plan to carry on with making a series of Golden Ales, as it makes a good base for testing hop combinations. I may even add some Gladfield Toffee and up the bitterness to make an XPA.

Mashed in with 17 litres of water @ 67 degrees and  hit the target mash temp of 64 degrees spot on. Mashed for 60 minutes, with a 10 minute mashout at 75 degrees. Mash was quite cloudy and struggled to clear. Gravity at the end of the mash was 1.068. Sparged with 15 litres @75 degrees. Preboill gravity was 1.042 @ 27.4 litres so a little under in both regards.

60 minute boil with hop additions @ 60, 5 and flameout. Cooled to 21 degrees  while whirlpooling, and had 22.7 litres.  Transferred 20.5 litres to the fermenter. Pitched Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast yeast as the Dunedin Malthouse was out of US05 (again…). 

Forgot to take a gravity reading… D’oh, but based on Brewfather calculations it should be around 1.051 and 5.5%. Water vols and preboil were out so I need to take more notice and adjust my settings in my software.

Ferment @ 19 for 10 days, 21 for 2 days, and 2 days at 2 degrees with  gelatin. 

Recipe Specifications
Brewdate: 04/09/2020Mash
Batch Size: 23.00 l
ABV: 5.5%
OG: 1.051 SG
FG: 1.008 SG
Color: 10.8 EBC
IBU: 26.0
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Mash Schedule
60 Minutes @ 64 Degrees Celsius
15 Minute Mashout @ 75 Degrees Celsius

4.6kg Gladfield American Ale Malt
.2kg Gladfield Gladiator Malt
.2kg Gladiator Light Crystal Malt

60 Minutes: 25g Citra
10 Minutes: 12.5g Citra; 12.5g Taiheke
0 Minutes: 12.5 Citra, 12.5g Taiheke
Dry Hop: 25g Citra; 25g Taiheke

1 x Whirlfloc @ 15 Minutes

Yeast 1 x pkg Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast

Robobrew Gyle #13
Femented in Keg Fridge with Grey Controller
Kegged 20/09/2020

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